Monetize your Web Audience

Use our broadcast, click-to-call and ecommerce services to allow you to accept payment per minute speaking with your audience over a regular phone line.

Guaranteed $50 CPM

If you would like to try this service out, I am guaranteeing a $50 return to you on the first 1000 unique visitors to your blog or website that see you live and in action using the SpeakToMe expert service. You must email me at to be accepted into the guarantee program.

Ted Murphy
President, SpeakToMe, Inc.

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How it Works

Begin broadcasting in minutes
If your computer can handle video chat (as offered for example by Google or Skype), you can get an online advisory service started in a couple of minutes using the SpeakToMe expert service.

Create your own expert widget
You can embed the widget onto your own website, for maximum customization, or we'll host your page here on SpeakToMe. If a customer decides to speak to you, a regular phone call is initiated between you and the client, along with a personal broadcast and chat room. Your client is charged on a per minute basis, using whatever per-minute fee you set.

How Much Do I Make? »

How Much Do I Make?

Experts receive 83% of gross revenues generated
83% of revenues is higher than comparable revenue sharing arrangements, where the experts receive 50% to 60% of revenues. The difference here is that SpeakToMe's widget does not provide traffic. You are responsible for gathering and engaging your audience, so you receive the lion's share of the revenues.

SpeakToMe's 17% cut of revenues generated includes payment for broadcast bandwidth, credit card ecommerce, and click-to-call telephony charges.

No Startup Costs »

No Start Up Costs

There is no out-of-pocket cost to experts
You can register here on SpeakToMe, create your expert widget, and start broadcasting for free. We never take credit cards from our experts -- the only information we gather is necessary for providing our service and paying you the money you generate.

How Do I Get Paid? »

Getting Paid

Payment is made at the beginning of every month
Payment is mailed at the beginning of every month, with a payout determined by net earnings as of five business days previously. Payment is made by check.

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